About us


PLUS MED MEDICAL CENTRE – more than a clinic: professionalism, modern treatment methods and individual, patient-centred approach. The centre is located in the centre of Kielce, the Clinic comprises the operating theatre, comfortable patient rooms and a modern outpatient clinic. A team of specialists who boast many-year experience offers vascular surgery, general surgery treatments as well as aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery treatments.

The Centre’s also offers chronic venous insufficiency treatment, i.e. lower limbs varicose veins treatment. Plus Med specialists have been the Świętokrzyskie region first to introduce EVLT laser varicose veins method. This has been offered since 2011 The Centre was also first to introduce sclerotherapy varicose veins treatment, the so-called steam ablation.

The Plus Med Medical Centre professional and experienced staff offers a whole array of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery treatments. Lip augmentation, wrinkles filling and elimination, body fat reduction and many other treatment types help to preserve youthful appearance for longer and also help you feel good.

Welcome to the Plus Med Medical Centre in Kielce, 21 Warszawska St. (fourth floor).