Acne, discolorations, capillary vesels – Harmony Dye-VL

Harmony Dye-VL Laser is a safe and a very effective way to get rid of various skin problems. With the use of a specialist head, Harmony Dye-VL offers the perfect treatment for erythema, skin colour lesions and skin-ageing signs on your face and other body parts. This is also an effective way to get rid of the so-called “thread veins”. The treatment procedure takes just a few minutes. Owing to a strong contact cooling it is even more comfortable for the patient.


  • Erythema removal
  • Discolouration reduction
  • Vascular liesions – erythema, thread veins, acne rosacea
  • Pigmentation colour-changes
  • Extensive vascular lesions – venulocapillary malformations, port wine stains
  • Pigmentation colour-changes

Harmony Dye-VL – an effective methfrom for discolouration removal. The laser-light heats dye-containing cells and results in thermal destruction of these cells. The discoloration becomes darker immediately after the procedure and then gradually exfoliates. Results visible after just one treatment.
The number of treatments and frequency depends on the results as expected by the patient. The treatment is painless and do not require any convalescence period.

Harmony DyeVL – discolouration removalPrice
All face700 PLN
Forehead400 PLN
Nose250 PLN
Cheeks400 PLN
Neckfrom 300 PLN
Cleavage areafrom 500 PLN
Forearmsfrom 400 PLN
Handsfrom 300 PLN
Single body discolorations (1-3 cm)from 150 PLN
Upper lipfrom 150 PLN
Chinfrom 200 PLN
Backfrom 200 PLN
Armsfrom 300 PLN
Harmony DyeVL – enlarged blofrom vessels obliterationPrice
Single blood-vessel (up to 3cm)200 PLN
All face700 PLN
Forehead400 PLN
Nose250 PLN
Cheeks500 PLN
Upper lip150 PLN
Chin200 PLN
Neck200 PLN
Cleavage area200 PLN
Legsfrom 500 PLN

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