Aesthetic gynaecology

Aesthetic gynaecology is one of the aesthetic medicine’s most dynamically developing branches owing to the always-increasing demand for this treatment type. Patients complain ailments of various type, such as post-partum scars, deformation of internal or external sex organs, stress urinary incontinence and therefore more and more often they also feel the need to improve aesthetics, rejuvenate intimate areas as well as to improve intimate life quality.

Aesthetic gynaecology treatments can either utilise traditional surgical methods or cutting-edge laser therapy. Our specialists use the Mona Lisa Touch ™ laser, which offers a non-invasive way to rebuild and model vaginal walls, increase flexibility and proper hydration. The laser treatment is much less invasive compared to typical surgery with the use of a scalpel. This significantly shortens the recovery period.

The Mona Lisa Touch ™ laser use:
1. Post-natal rehabilitation
2. Menopause
3. The incontinence problems
4. Aesthetic correction of external organs

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