Aesthetic medicine

Wrinkles, age-related face-shape changes, skin firmness loss and unsightly cellulite … – these are just examples of body deficiencies today’s modern aesthetic medicine is able to deal with. The Plus Med Medical Centre offers a whole array of non-invasive treatments designed to improve our looks. For passengers’ safety, all procedures are carried out by experienced physicians.

For years aesthetic medicine has been of great interest for ladies and gentlemen. State-of-the-art treatments deliver spectacular rejuvenation results. Appearance improves after the treatment, however sometimes it takes several days to see the desired results. Plus Med Medical Centre offers the most effective treatments and medical procedures in great demand: peelings designed to improve skin turgor and melanoderma changes; botulinum toxin treatments designed to remove wrinkles and treat diaphoresis; hyaluronic acid based procedures which help filling lines and wrinkles from the inside, model the face and mouth shape and many other procedures.

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