Disulfiram implant (Esperal)

Alcohol deterrent implant is the kind of treatment that helps patients to remain abstinent. Popular name in Poland is “Esperal implant”. Alcohol deterrent formulation placed in the muscular layer induces strong and unpleasant physical reactions. This is designed to prevent the patient from alcohol intake.

Alcohol deterrent implants have proven to be an efficient and safe method of adverse therapy in alcoholism treatment. Esperal (or a similar formulation which contains disulfiram) releases in the patient’s body for up to one year. Activated in contact with alcohol, the formulation blocks the enzyme responsible for ethanol decomposition, as the result the alcohol concentration becomes too high which results in alcohol poisoning effect. This has proven a good support method in alcoholism treatment, which helps patients retain sober. An implant is a part of more comprehensive treatment which helps the patient to introduce a change in their lifestyle.

Plus Med Medical Centre’s patients can be sure that the procedure is professional, practically painless and comfortable.


Disulfiram implant (Esperal) – 800 PLN