Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox is a natural toxin which block muscles functions. This effect is utilised by aesthetic medicine. Botox eliminates facial wrinkles; wrinkles under the eyes, forehead wrinkles or the so-called lion’s wrinkle between eyebrows. Botox is also effectively used in lower part of face wrinkles, in the neck and the so-called “marionette furrows” in the mouth area. Small concentrations of botulin toxins is used for mimic wrinkles and thus it does not affect other muscles outside application area.

The botulin toxin is also used to treat hands, armpits, feet increased sweating, the ailment which can negatively impact our well-being. Hyperhidrosis treatment requires a single injection. This alleviates the symptoms of unpleasant ailment for several months. Hair-removal required a day before application.

Botulin toxin procedures take about 15-20 minutes, with local anaesthesia applied in the form of a cream. The effects are visible after about 7 days and last for 3 up to 6 months. A recursive treatment – not earlier than every 3 months.


Botox – wrinkles correction (forehead, crow’s feet, lion wrinkle) – 600 PLN
Botox – 2 places of application – 1000 PLN
Botox – 3 places of application – 1200 PLN
Botox – hyperhidrosis treatment (hands, armpits, feet) – 1700 PLN