Breast enlargement – implants

Our Centre offers all breast-plasty types, however breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery procedure. Breast augmentation is designed to improve the breasts shape with the use of appropriate implants. Implants’ come in anatomical or circular shapes. An implant should be placed under the pectoral muscle. for good long-term aesthetic results. Implants are offered in a wide diversity of sizes and shapes and therefore can be adapted to practically any one chest shape.

The most common method of implant introduction is a small incision in the breast fold. The nipple areola or under the arm-pit incision are less frequently used. The procedure starts with a medical examination when a plastic surgeon performs a general health check-up and discusses the patient’s medical history. The doctor gets to know the Patient’s expectations regarding the future breast’s size and makes measurements. It is very important for the patient to feel the implant weight she has chosen to make her aware that this weight is associated with an additional spine strain.

The treatment is carried out under general anaesthesia. A patient returns home after 1-2 days. After surgery, the pain persists for a few days, the full recovery period lasts a few weeks. After the surgery, the patient is given a special bra she is supposed to wear for about 3-4 weeks, day and night-time. This bra also helps to form her new breast. The Centre offers lifetime-guarantee implants and thus there is no need to replace them after a few years. Implants are not an obstacle when it comes to ultrasound, magnetic resonance examinations, they do not distort the mammogram image.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure. Normally it is not associated with complications risks, the surgical scars are practically invisible.

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