Breast lift – lipomodelling

Many women suffer when their breasts lose firmness. After pregnancy, breastfeeding or significant weight loss the tissues become flaccid. Nipples are often relocated below the breast line. Before the procedure, measurements are made so that the new nipple position is determined so that they are symmetrical. The surgery is designed to correct the nipple location in order for them to restore the anatomically appropriate position and thus restore the desired breast shape. An implant may or may not be used in the procedure. It needs highlighting that the breast lifting procedure is not always associated with the breast mass reduction. The original size of the breast can be retained, only its position and shape or symmetry can be improved. Sagging breasts are often asymmetrical. Breast lift surgery is one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures and requires a surgeon to boast extensive experience, creativity and appropriate implants. The convalescence period lasts 4-6 weeks. After about couple of weeks, the patient does not need any assistance and may return to work.

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