Capillaries – Harmony Nd:YAG

Blood vessels visible under the skin are often called “thread veins” – this is a serious aesthetic problem for many people. The Nd: YAG laser energy targets haemoglobin – the laser heat causes coagulation, local inflammations, and vessel occlusion in consequence. The head emits a red guiding light spot for perfect treatment area indication, which greatly improves the precision.

Harmony NdYAG – enlarged blood vessels occlusionPrice
Single blood-vessel (up to 3cm)200 PLN
All face700 PLN
Forehead400 PLN
Nose250 PLN
Cheeks500 PLN
Upper lip150 PLN
Chin200 PLN
Neck200 PLN
Cleavage area200 PLN
Legsfrom 500 PLN

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