Each of us loves the sun – however, let us remember that it also brings many threats.

Solar discoloration is a very common side effect of long-term sun exposure without proper sun protection. The cause may also be hormonal changes or medication. Discolorations are darker spots than the skin, some of which will disappear spontaneously, and some will remain for many, many years.
Sometimes it gives us charm, and sometimes its size or placement, cause discomfort and complexes. The problem of discoloration is quite common and affects over half of women. Only 10% of men suffer from this condition. You can effectively prevent discoloration using the appropriate creams with filters. However, if discolorations appeared on our face or cleavage – we can get rid of them thanks to the laser treatments of aesthetic medicine.

Treatment – laser discoloration removal

Discoloration occurs at various depths of the skin, which is why the most effective method is laser discoloration removal. The use of advanced equipment allows the melanin accumulated in the place of discoloration to break down into smaller particles, which are then absorbed by the system. The laser discoloration treatment is very effective and eliminates most discolorations. However, it should be remembered that the laser can be adviced only after the warm and sunny months.

In the fight against discoloration, we use the Alma Harmony Dye-VL 500-600nmA laser, which is a safe and very effective way to get rid of various skin problems. The treatment is short and thanks to the strong contact cooling it is comfortable for the patient.


  • Eradication of erythema
  • Reduction of discoloration
  • Vascular changes – erythema, spider veins, rosacea
  • Skin pigmentation changes
  • Extensive vascular changes – flat hemangiomas, port wine stains
  • Skin pigmentation changes

Harmony Dye-VL effectively eliminates discoloration by emitting light that acts thermally on dye-containing cells and destroys them. Immediately after the treatment, the discoloration darkens to gradually desquamate. The effects are visible after just one treatment and the number of treatments and their frequency depend on the results expected by the patient. The treatments are not painful and do not require a convalescence period.

Remember – a short moment in the sun can cause long-lasting and unwanted defects on the skin of our face or cleavage. The sun contributes to the formation of discolorations, faster aging of the skin, which increases the risk of wrinkles. We strongly recommend using creams with a high filter, hats and intensive moisturizing treatment.