Ear correction surgery

Protruding ears often cause inferiority complexes. Not only does this condition affect adolescents, but also adults. In most cases, these deficiencies are of genetic nature. Many find the ear correction surgery i.e. otoplasty the only solution. The Plus Med Medical Centre offers ear correction with the use of an innovative methods. Surgery is available for young patients, starting the age of 6 years. Ear corrective surgery is a minor surgical procedure.

The method has gained a world-wide popularity, yet in Poland it is rarely used. Ear-shape correction involves skilful cartilage modelling through a set of incisions. Wounds are closed with absorbable sutures which eliminates further stress associated with stitches removal. As the result of the surgery, earlobes reshaped inwards without cartilage distortion. The shape is nicer and more natural. The surgery takes less time. There is also a shorter healing process (2 to 3 weeks) compared to traditional methods.

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