Ear correction surgery

Operacja uszu
Ear surgery is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures.
Surgical correction of protruding ears, otherwise known as otoplasty, gives a satisfactory appearance to the auricles, the structure of which differs from the anatomical and aesthetic standard:

  • protruding ears
  • asymmetrical ears
  • too big ears – reducing the ears or reducing the lobes.
  • improving the appearance of ear lobes.

The plastic surgeon models the auricles in such a way as to give them the most natural and desired shape.

Is surgery on one ear possible?
Ear surgery is performed when one or both auricles are sticking out. Ear asymmetry or sticking out is often hereditary. It happens that deformities arise as a result of injuries.
The most common ear defects operated on:

  • Protruding ears – a birth or trauma defect.
  • The so-called Darwin’s nodule – a congenital defect, thickening in the posterior upper part of the labrum
  • Microtia – missing or undeveloped some structures of the ear.
  • Anotia – total lack of auricles.
  • Collapse of the auricle.
  • Earlobe reconstruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ear surgery look like ?

The selection of a specific method of correction of the auricles takes place during the consultation visit and is individually adapted to the given case – the anatomical structure and the patient’s expectations. Depending on the age of the patient, adults are given local anesthesia and general anesthesia is used for children. The surgeon corrects protruding auricles, models the auricles, and corrects their position and size so that the ears have a proportional shape. In reconstructive surgeries, acquired defects and cavities are treated, as well as microtia, i.e. underdevelopment of the auricle.
The procedure consists in making an incision on the back surface of the auricle, modeling the cartilage with the help of incisions and placing internal sutures. Seams are also used on the outside.
The location of the seams makes the scar practically invisible. After surgery, children are usually hospitalized one day, and adults can go home on the same day.
The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes. The patient must lie down during the entire operation.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before the correction of the auricles, a consultation with a plastic surgeon takes place, who determines the expectations and possibilities with the patient. You should perform the tests prescribed by your doctor. A few days before the ear correction surgery, it is inadvisable to take medications containing acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin) because they reduce blood clotting. It is recommended that you give up smoking for at least two weeks before and after surgery, as smoking has a negative effect on the healing process.

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What are the effects of the treatment?
Ear plastic surgery gives very good aesthetic results. The patient can count on a significant improvement in the appearance of the auricles, which are closer to the skull. Otoplasty also allows you to obtain the symmetry of both auricles. The effect of ear correction is to improve the symmetry of the face and the overall appearance. All this has a positive effect on the patient’s self-esteem and well-being.

How does recovery after ear correction surgery look like?
After surgery, the ears may be slightly swollen for several days. In the first days after the procedure, pain is possible, which is minimized with painkillers.

When does the swelling go after ear surgery?

All ailments should disappear after about 10-14 days. The dressings are changed 2 days after surgery. The seams are removed after 14 days.

How long do I have to wear the headband?
After removing the dressing, the Patient puts on a special tourniquet. For about 6 months, it is worth wearing a headband to protect your ears against accidental bending. Avoid situations in which the ear could be tilted or mechanically damaged. A check is required after approximately six weeks. To achieve the desired aesthetic effect, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions. It is recommended that you wash your hair for the first time after removing the stitches. Contact sports are forbidden for two months.
After the procedure, the auricles are particularly sensitive to low temperatures.

Can a child’s ear correction be performed?

Ear surgery often concerns young patients. It is recommended that children be carried out between 7 and 14 years of age. Earlier the ear is shaped, but it is worth not to miss a good moment, because the earlier the operation is performed, the better the aesthetic results.

Is ear surgery safe?

Surgical ear correction is considered a safe procedure, with a negligible risk of complications and having no impact on the patient’s general health. All cuts are made at the back of the pinna, so that the sutures and post-treatment scars are not visible.

Opinions of our patients

My daughter had ears from birth that looked different from the norm. They were large and protruding. At the age of 12, we decided to undergo surgery. We were helped by doctor Karolina Małek-Stelmachowska, who performed the operation very well and with care for my child. The effects are better than we thought – Joanna’s mother.

How much does plastic ear surgery cost?

Ear surgery – price

The final cost of the procedure is determined individually during consultation with a doctor.

Ear consultations and procedures are performed by

specialist in plastic surgery Karolina Małek-Stelmachowska

specialist in plastic surgery Karolina Małek-Stelmachowska

general surgery specialist, specialist in plastic surgery Katarzyna Michalska

general surgery specialist, specialist in plastic surgery Katarzyna Michalska