Endovenous steam ablation treatment – SVS steam sclerotherapy

Endovenous steam ablation treatment, also called the SVS steam sclerotherapy is a novel thermal therapy in vascular surgery. This medical procedure has been applied in Poland since 2013, and the Plus Med Medical Centre has been the forerunner of this method introduction in Świętokrzyskie Region. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and ultrasound examination. An applicator is administered through a venipuncture into a varicose vein, then steam at the temperature of 110-120 degrees Celsius is fed. Water vapour damages varicose veins walls and thus causes vein obliteration. The procedure takes up to 60 minutes. Steam varicose veins treatment is classified as minimally invasive procedure. Steam sclerotherapy is used to obliterate large varicose veins, 20 millimetres in diameter and larger. This method, opposed to laser treatment can also be used to eliminate tortuos varicose veins. Steam treatment can also be used for recurrent varicose veins. This method makes it possible to obliterate a number of larger varicose veins during one surgical procedure. Quick convalescence guaranteed.


Endovenous steam ablation treatment – SVS steam sclerotherapy – special-price offer includes two check-ups – 3400 PLN
The second steam venous ablation treatment within 2 months- 2 check-ups included in the price – promotional price – 2900 PLN*

*Prices are valid from 01/10/2019