Eye-lid corrective surgery for a healthy and better look

Korekcja powiek dla zdrowia i urody

Not only may flabby upper or lower eyelids result from unhealthy lifestyle; the cause for this condition may also lie in genetic determinants related to ageing process beyond our control. For many people flabby eye-lids are more than just an aesthetic defect, this is a health-related problem. Flabby eyelid skin, a face that looks tired and sad – these are some of the reasons why ladies decide to undergo a surgical correction. The other side of the coin needs to be considered too. Droopy eyelids – a medical condition which causes limited field of vision, eye-pain, headaches.

Eyelid corrective surgery has been highly appreciated in Poland. Problems with everyday make-up may make women decide to undergo eyelid correction procedure. More and more men attach importance to their appearance and therefore undergo this treatment. Eyelid correction, if properly executed may make the face look a few years younger.

Eyelid corrective surgery is a removal of excess skin, fat and muscle tissue. A plastic surgeon makes a small incision on the eyelid.
Upper or lower eyelid corrective surgery may leave small scars. Over time these scars become almost invisible. As the result of the eyelids surgery, the face looks younger and fresher.