Eye protection organs

In the context of aesthetics, the eyes area is significant to one’s good appearance, regardless the age. This is a clear sign of one’s care. Medicine has been developing rapidly and therefore is able to offer an increasing range of treatments designed to reduce the changes in the around-eye areas.

The body ageing process manifest through an excessive amount of cutaneous tissue within the lower or upper eye-lids area. Not only is this an aesthetic problem; the process results may also significantly impair daily life. Eyelid plastic surgery is the solution – blefaroplasty is a safe way to improve one’s appearance.

Blefaroplasty is the procedure whose aim is to remove both excess skin and fat-pads. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia.

Other surgical procedures: eye-lid entropion correction, eyelid eversion, abnormal eyelashes grow, excision of pathological lesions on the eyelids, i.e. s, papillomas, birthmarks, cysts, chalasions and others.

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