Harmony iPiXEL – rejuvenation, stretch marks, scars

A very effective resurfacing treatment – skin is rejuvenated and reconstructed. The device improves the overall skin colour, its elasticity and structure. It also reduces surface pigmentation and pore size. A perfect alternative to traditional skin resurfacing methods which utilise ablative laser technologies – the methods used until now have removed the entire upper skin-layer and required a prolonged healing time. The Harmony iPixel ™ creates microscopic perforations while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This speeds up the epidermis healing and regeneration process.

Harmony iPixel – laser skin resurfacing treatments (laser peeling)Price
Face1100 PLN
Face + neck1500 PLN
Face + neck + cleavage area 1900 PLN
Cleavage area500 PLN
Neck + cleavage area900 PLN
Forehead500 PLN
Eye / lips area400 PLN
Hands500 PLN
Harmony iPixel – laser scar removalPrice
A small scarfrom 150 PLN
a scar / keloidal scarfrom 150 PLN
C-section scars350 PLN
Harmony iPixel – acne scars removalPrice
Cheeks600 PLN
Forehead400 PLN
All face1200 PLN
A small scarfrom 300 PLN
Harmony iPixel – discolouration removalPrice
Cheeks500 PLN
Forehead300 PLN
Chin150 PLN
Lips area200 PLN
All face800 PLN
Nose250 PLN
A single lesion150 PLN
Harmony iPixel – stretch marks removalPrice
Breastfrom 500 PLN
Stomach areafrom 500 PLN
Buttockfrom 500 PLN
Thighsfrom 500 PLN
Hipsfrom 700 PLN
Calvesfrom 500 PLN
Armsfrom 500 PLN
Harmony iPixel – tatoo removalPrice
Single treatment (tattoo size from 5 cm)from 300 PLN

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