I feel attractive again …

Our Patient, Mr. Paweł, aged 50, who surrendered in our Center to the Body Jet liposuction procedure (device in the picture), would like to talk to us. We asked him a few questions about the impressions of the procedure.

Why did you undergo liposuction?

– I wanted to get rid of my belly fat I did not manage the diet and did not help in the gym. I had trouble tying shoes and I looked terrible. I was ashamed to undress on the beach. I also wanted to dump the excessive load, my knees hurt during running.

How do you assess the preparations for the procedure and the same procedure at the Plus Med Medical Center?

– The plastic surgeon who performed the procedure explained everything to me. We managed to perform the procedure under local anesthesia. In truth, I was afraid of falling asleep. Besides, it helped me get back to activity and after a few hours I was at home, although I can not complain about the care. The doctor and nurses were very nice, calm and professional. Conditions in the patients’ room were comfortable and I did not miss anything.

Did everything go your way?

– Everything went according to what I learned before the procedure. Fortunately, I was prepared to wear special clothing and various ailments after the procedure. It hurt a little and I had to use painkillers. Special massages were necessary. The permanent contact with the doctor was very useful. You definitely need a lot of patience.

Are you satisfied with the effects of the treatment?

– The result is very good. I do not gasp when bending, which made it easier for me to do different exercises. I run and try to maintain my diet. I know that the surgery alone does not solve all problems with being overweight. But the appearance changed. I feel attractive again and I can not wait for summer. I also think my wife likes me more now… I am in the process of changing my wardrobe and it is very pleasant. I also put on some old clothes, including once-tight jeans. It gave me a lot of joy. I would recommend.

Thank you for the conversation and we wish you all the best.

Team of Medical Center Plus Med.