Injection lipolysis Dermaheal LL

How to shape the belly-area and reduce excessive fat-tissue? Injection lipolysis Dermaheal LL is the answer. The treatment does not replace surgical liposuction. Dermaheal LL is not a substitute to weight-loss treatment. However lipolysis Dermaheal LL has already been recognised as the world’s safest injection technique designed to reduce body fat. The formulation is a medically registered. When injected, it affects the persistent fat-accumulation areas. These are the places where a diet and exercise have not been effective. This treatment, in contrast to liposuction does not require post-surgery recovery and therefore does not have a negative impact on the patient’s life. Application areas – abdomen, hips, chin, thighs, knees, back, neck. Minor side effects include tingling, redness, swelling. These symptoms disappear after a few days.


Injection lipolysis Dermaheal LL – 1 ampoule – from 250 PLN
Injection lipolysis Dermaheal LL – 2-5 ampoules – 180 PLN each