Knee arthroscopy – see the video from the procedure

Knee arthroscopy – see the video from the procedure

Joint damage is an increasing percentage of injuries with which patients report to an orthopedic doctor. In these cases, arthroscopy is a common solution. 

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure involving the introduction of a miniature camera into the joint with a light source (arthroscope) through small incisions around the joint. The surgeon on the monitor tracks the image sent from the device. With the help of special, miniature tools, it is possible to repair damaged structures. After the procedure, the patient usually returns home the same day or the next day. The procedure, lasting from 20 minutes to 2 hours (for reconstructive procedures) is performed in hospital conditions (in the operating theater), under lumbar or, less frequently, general anesthesia.

Indications for arthroscopy: 

  • knee injuries of various origins
  • intra-articular fracture periarticular
  • cysts rheumatoid arthritis
  • degenerative changes
  • presence of foreign bodies in joint
  • any chronic pain or swelling of the joints

See videos from knee arthroscopy surgery.

Consultations and arthroscopy procedures are carried out by:

lek. med. Dariusz Hudzik, Ortopeda

Doctor of Medicine Dariusz Hudzik, orthopaedist

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