Laser Hair Removal – Harmony SHR

SHR PRO — the clinically proven, the safest laser epilation method for all skin phototypes. Super Hair Removal (SHR) causes the so-called thermal damage. Gradual heating of the dermis causes hair follicles damage and at the same time prevents secondary hair growth. The special sapphire tip guarantees contact-cooling effect – this technique guards against surface burns and eliminates discomfort during the treatment. A series of treatments results in lasting and visible effect. The method can be used on all body parts, including sensitive and sun-tanned areas. No risk of unwanted effects such as ingrown hairs, allergic reactions, scarring or discolouration.

Harmony SHR – hair removal / depilationPrice
Moustache150 PLN
The between-eyebrows area100 PLN
Chin150 PLN
Ears150 PLN
Sideburns150 PLN
Armpits250 PLN
Bikini250 PLN
Full Bikini300 PLN
Abdominal hair line200 PLN
Buttocks area200 PLN
Thighs450 PLN
Calves300 PLN
Whole legs700 PLN
Hands250 PLN
Backfrom 400 PLN
Chestfrom 400 PLN
Neck150 PLN
Armsfrom 300 PLN

Treatment times: armpits 5 minutes, back: 40-60 minutes.

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