Laser wart removal

Usuwanie brodawekLaser wart removal is the most effective way to get rid of warts, although it may need to be repeated after a few weeks. Laser wart removal is recommended for all patients with mild skin lesions. The method is not recommended for malignant lesions because the removed part of the body evaporates, which eliminates histopathological examination. Warts are rarely an oncological threat, which is why this method is safe in most cases. The treatment also leaves no visible scars.

How does the laser removal of warts work?
For laser wart removal laser MonaLisa Touch ™ Co2 is used.

When you notice skin changes, we recommend that you do not delay the problem and see a specialist as soon as possible for laser treatment for warts. The same applies to laser removal of seborrheic warts.

Contraindications – coagulation disorders, drugs that increase sensitivity to light, a fresh tan, tendency to form keloids and hypertrophic scars on the body, skin allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Side effects – pain, swelling, erythema, skin discoloration and discoloration, subsequent secondary infections (rare – usually in the case of poor hygiene of the treatment site).

Price of the treatment:
Laser wart removal: 400 PLN
The final price of the procedure is determined individually during a consultation with the doctor.



Consultations and laser wart removal procedures are carried out by:

lek. med. Luiza Kryczka, Specjalista Dermatolog i Wenerolog

Luiza Kryczka, Dermatologist and Venereologist Specialist

Laser wart removal

Paweł Kundera, General surgeon