Lasers for special treatments in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic gynecology

Lasers for special treatments in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic gynecology

In our Center are available two multifunctional fractional lasers – MonalisaTouchTM and Alma Harmony XL Pro, which are used in aesthetic medicine, aesthetic gynecology and ophthalmology.

In aesthetic medicine, the MonalisaTouchTM laser is used to reduce scars, stretch marks, remove discolorations, wrinkles, as well as to thicken the skin and regenerate it.
In aesthetic gynecology it is used, among others for labioplasty (correction of labia). Read about other laser applications in aesthetic gynecology here: https://plusmed.info.pl/en/aesthetic-gynaecology/
In ophthalmology (the area of the eye), this laser is used for blepharoplasty, i.e. correction of drooping upper and lower eyelids.

The Alma Harmony XL Pro laser is used for comprehensive aesthetic treatments, precisely tailored to the needs of patients, e.g. for laser facial resurfacing as an alternative to botox and mesotherapy.
More about the application of Alma Harmony XL Pro: https://plusmed.info.pl/en/it-takes-less-than-an-hour-make-your-skin-younger/

Particularly noteworthy is the case of Mrs. Jolanta, who has been treating in our Center for several years under the watchful eye of Karolina Pazera, aesthetic medicine doctor. The patient reported with visible scars on the neck and decolletage and agreed to tell her what her path to regaining health and satisfying appearance looked like.

The effect of the treatment and its course can be seen in our video on the possibility of using lasers.