Let’s do something good for our legs – let’s move!

About the negative effects of limited mobility during a pandemic in recent weeks on our legs – we are talking to a vascular surgeon, general surgeon Paweł Bodzenta.

Do you see the negative consequences of limited mobility in recent weeks?

– A sharp decrease in physical activity during the epidemic significantly affected the condition of our body. This directly increases the symptoms associated with chronic venous disease and promotes the development of varicose veins. Also overweight, stress – phenomena intensified during isolation – intensify venous insufficiency. You should also take into an account that the expected heat in the summer will only make it worse.

What problems are patients currently reporting with?

– On the one hand, patients complain of symptoms associated with varicose veins: edema, leg pain, heaviness, calf cramps at night. On the other hand, we are now much more likely to recognize thrombosis, which is a serious complication of venous insufficiency. Often, these are neglected cases due to difficulty getting to the doctor during a pandemic.

What recommendations can you suggest to minimize pain and swelling?

– First of all, you need to assess such ailments with a specialist. In addition, any physical activity is recommended, e.g. cycling, running or walking. You have to take advantage of the weather and move more. Of course, in some situations, properly selected compression products, i.e. knee socks and varicose stockings are sufficient and bring considerable relief.

What is the antidote for varicose veins?

– If you already have varicose veins, unfortunately, you should think about surgical treatment. Laser treatment, sclerotherapy, and surgical treatment can be considered here. It should be emphasized that there is no miracle pill or ointment for varicose veins. Some medications alleviate the symptoms, but they won’t solve the problem. In most cases, if not always, it ends with a visit to a specialist and surgical treatment.

What treatments are available in Plus Med?

– In accordance with modern standards, we primarily offer minimally invasive treatment. We have an intravenous laser for large changes, a transdermal laser for spider veins or a steam ablation device for the most advanced clinical cases. We also perform varicose veins sclerotherapy and choose knee socks or varicose stockings. Our patients spend a maximum of 1.5 hours with us. Due to the fact that these treatments are minimally invasive, patients immediately after the surgery function normally and even on the same day they return to daily activities. These treatments are not complicated for the patient, and save so much unnecessary pain and prevent the development of a disease that is dangerous and fatal.

Thank you for the conversation.