When conventional skin revitalising and conditioning treatments fail, mesotherapy comes handy. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method commonly used in aesthetic medicine. With the use of fine needles, active ingredients are administered into the skin which results in skin-conditioning effect.

Mesotherapy is used for face, neck and next-line regeneration. A cocktail of ingredients most commonly contains hyaluronic acid which demonstrates a strong moisturising effect. One hyaluronic acid molecule is capable of binding a few thousand water molecules in the skin layer – thus skin becomes smooth, lines and wrinkles disappear.

Effective cellulite treatments? Mesotherapy is here to help you. The skin in sensitive areas receives medical cocktails (e.g. Dermaheal LL) designed to do away with cellulite by increasing fat cells metabolism.

Scalp mesotherapy is successfully used in hair loss treatment and prevention, both in men and women. Small doses of active nutritional components (e.g. Dermaheal HL) are administered into the skin to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth and strength.

Mesotherapy delivers the most effective results when carried out as a series of treatments. Even one treatment results in blood flow, skin colour and hydration improvement.


Mesotherapy – face, neck and neckline – from 500 PLN
Mesotherapy – head – 1 ampoule of Dermaheal HL – 400 PLN
Mesotherapy – cellulite – 1 ampoule of Dermaheal LL – 250 PLN