Plastic surgery for breast reconstruction

The Centre’s offer includes plastic breast reconstruction surgery – breast reconstruction may utilise an implant or the patient’s own fat.

Breast reconstruction procedure objective is breast reconstruction, nipple and nipple areola included. There are various breast reconstruction methods. These are individually selected, depending on the degree the mammary glands have been removed, the patient health and the expected cosmetic results.

– Breast reconstruction is a plastic and reconstructive surgery procedure consisting in the female breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
Mastectomy is the only method to combat advanced-stage breast cancer. Women find it a very difficult experience to lose one or both breasts. This also leaves a deep mental scar. According to numerous studies and patients’ opinions, a lost breast reconstruction helps them to return to a regular life and regain their mental balance – says Dr. Paweł Bodzenta.
– This is response for many Patients’ needs. Not only does this relate to breast enlargement or reduction. First and foremost, we are here to help women who have just defeated cancer. Thus we decided to introduce breast reconstruction procedures into our Centre’s portfolio. Treatments are performed by our specialists – plastic surgeons who boast many-year experience and have carried out numerous breast reconstruction surgery – adds Doctor Bodzenta MD.

An interview with Sybilla Piekarska MD, a plastic surgeon, aesthetic medicine doctor. All about breast reconstruction surgery at PlusMed Medical Centre.

Can you tell us about special post-mastectomy cases you have dealt with as a plastic surgeon?

Every post-mastectomy case is very special. Mastectomy is a radical or partial breast amputation. A radiotherapy treatment is often a part of the procedure. This further increases the patient’s chances to recover, however radiotherapy significantly and permanently destroys the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Thus breast reconstruction methods selection depends on the breast condition as the result of oncological treatment.

Who can undergo the breast reconstruction surgery?

The breast reconstruction surgery is targeted at all women who, despite the difficult and long-lasting fight against cancer still want to feel feminine. However, what is more important, they want to enjoy social life without any reluctance. Breast reconstruction makes it easy for them to visit a beach, a swimming pool or wear neckline-showing clothes. In addition, a large and heavy external breast prosthesis creates enormous discomfort and limits women’s daily activities. This may also impact her contacts with a partner. Depression, low self-esteem and limited will to go out and meet other people may be the result of breast removal.

Can you describe the procedure?

The procedure consists in the breast reconstruction with the use of the patient’s own tissues or the use of an implant once the tissues is enlarged with an expander. In addition, the nipple and the nipple areola can be reconstructed too.

What methods do you use?

I first and foremost select the methods which are safe for the patient, limits the surgery scope, reduces treatment time. I also choose a method which correlates with the local condition, the other breast size and the patient’s general condition. Normally I first improve the skin condition after X-ray therapy. This is done with own fat transplant. Then I use an expander and implant for full reconstruction effect. I consider these methods to be safe and simple. They also offer very good aesthetic results. Additionally the fat reduces the scar tension and makes the skin more elastic.

Is the reconstruction surgery a single or many stage procedure?

The reconstruction can be a multi-stage procedure for the best aesthetic results and patient’s safety. If an oncologist suspects the tumour recurrence, the implant can be removed at any time. However such cases are very rare. If there the tissue and scar are in good shape, single-step therapy is sufficient.

How should a mastectomy scar be treated?

The scar usually remains owing to the fact that it is already mature and soft. The breast reconstruction procedure is done through a new, small incision in the breast fold, the same as for the breast enlargement procedure.

Is such a procedure safe for those who have suffered from cancer?

I believe that the oncologist who is responsible for the patient should decide about the reconstruction time and the possibility, once the oncological treatment is completed. This is the basis for my decision.

Are there any particular contraindications?

Now the local condition, even the most unfavourable is no longer a problem when a patient is qualified for reconstruction. It all depends on the patient’s general condition and whether the patient can undergo general anaesthesia. Contraindications are the same as with any other surgical procedure.

When can a patient start the breast reconstruction procedure?

If the oncologist concludes that the oncological treatment has been completed and the patient has no local cancer recurrence or no general cancer metastasis.

When a Patient undergoes a reconstruction procedure, is there anything they should consider e.g.. more frequent medical check-ups?

This is the oncologist who decides about check-ups and their frequency and I do not interfere with this.

Thank you for the interview. All ladies interested in breast reconstruction surgery are invited to contact our Centre.