PROFHILO – a molecular of youth with anti-aging effect

Aesthetic medicine is developing at a very fast pace and today we do not use only standard fillers, but those that cause biostimulation of the skin. Such a product is PROFHILO®.

PROFHILO® is atreatment preventing skin sagging and aging of the face.

It is an innovative rejuvenating formula, the action of which is based on the rapid restoration of skin parameters lost over the years. Profhilo is a unique treatment rejuvenating not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous tissue that provides direct scaffolding for the skin. It contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid – 64 mg in one dose. After administration, it acts as the effect of “a million springs”, migrates under the skin lifting it and smoothing it. Hyaluronic acid in PROFHILO® stimulates skin cells to synthesize elastin more strongly than other preparations of hyaluronic acid (the effect confirmed in skin biopsies) giving an anti-wrinkle and lifting effect. The procedure consists of 10 punctures in specially developed anatomical spots. After the procedure, slight swelling and redness is observed, which usually disappears within a few hours.

What problems does PROFHILO solve?

  • Slackness and loss of skin elasticity
  • Wrinkless
  • Furrows
  • Tired look face
  • It stops the aging process.
  • The facial features are slightly slender and the face is visibly rejuvenated.
  • It nourishes the skin cells and restores the lost contour and firmness of the face for a long time.

It is recommended to perform two treatments at one month interval, the effect lasts 1 – 1.5 years. You should keep at least 2 weeks apart from other aesthetic medicine treatments. The price of the procedure is PLN 1,300.