Rejuvenation, discolouration removal – Harmony ClearLift

This is the most versatile laser treatment available. The ClearLift Laser affects dermis in a mechanical way, unlike other, thermal lasers. By introducing controlled skin-damage and inflammatory focuses, healing and skin rebuilding processes are initiated. This stimulates new collagen production mechanism and as the result skin becomes firmer and tighter. ClearLift utilises the cutting-edge Q-Switch – non-ablative approach. The treatment results are similar to those of a strong chemical peeling or laser resurfacing. The treatment is virtually painless. There is no skin healing period, except for slight redness. This is the first laser treatment for most sensitive parts of the body, including hands, neck, chest and skin around eyes. The ClearLift unique feature is a fractional, non-ablative technique. Avoiding the outer skin layer damage makes the treatment painless. More importantly, the patient immediately returns to daily activities.

It takes less than an hour to make your skin younger!

  • Intensive and effective treatment for difficult to remove skin-imperfections.
  • Safe for delicate areas: the face, neck, neckline
  • Reaches all pigmented lesions, even in dark complexion skin
  • No recovery period required
  • Painless – no anaesthesia required
  • Safe for all skin phototypes
  • No time-of-the-year limitations

Harmony ClearLift treatment – indications:

  • Loss of skin firmness
  • Fine and deep wrinkles
  • Skin-lines
  • Discolorations, hyperpigmentation
  • Scars
Harmony ClearLift – non-ablative skin rejuvenation, colour enhancement, hyperpigmentation elimination, wrinkle reduction Price
Face 800 PLN
Neck 500 PLN
Cleavage area 500 PLN
Neck + chin 600 PLN
Face + neck 1000 PLN
Face + neck + cleavage area 1500 PLN
Eye / eyelids / lips area 400 PLN
Hands 500 PLN

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