Removal of warts

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Removal of warts involves freezing, surgical excision or laser or chemical burnout of skin lesions. Removal of warts caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
Warts, are unsightly looking skin papules that can spread to different parts of the body. They cause significant discomfort and pain. The warts on the skin differ in size and shape. There are e.g. flat (plane) warts, foot warts, common warts, periungal and plantar. This is a common problem that aesthetic dermatology deals with.

What are the most common types of warts?

Common warts – 5 to 10 mm in size and skin color, appear mainly on the fingers of the hands.
Foot warts – 1 to 2 cm in size, occur on the sole of the feet, are located deep or on the surface.
A common change with which patients come to us is a seborrheic wart.

Seborrheic keratosis (senile wart) is a benign epidermal lesion that is considered to be the most common cancer. It usually appears after the age of 30 in people who have had this type of change in the family. It’s not caused by a virus. It is characterized by round, papular and convex growths. This condition occurs to a similar extent in women as in men.

A senile wart is a benign lesion that does not pose a threat to the patient’s health and life, however, it is worth going to a dermatologist, so a specialist will differentiate seborrheic wart with malignant lesions and implement appropriate management.

PlusMed has two methods for removing warts – surgical and laser method.

Wart removal

The removal of warts is recommended not only for aesthetic but also for medical reasons. The type of treatment used depends on several factors: the patient’s age, the location of the wart, the number and size of lesions, the time of appearance and their type. The decision to undertake specific wart treatment follows consultation with a dermatologist or surgeon.

Surgical wart removal 

Surgical wart removal is used when the skin change is likely to be malignant.

The surgeon performing it has two methods to choose – spooning and classic wart removal with a scalpel. Anesthesia is necessary, but subsequent patient hospitalization is not required.

The surgeon cuts out warts, keeping in mind the safety margin, which eliminates the risk of cancer. The cut-out skin fragment is subjected to histopathological examination and checking whether there are any tumor lesions. The treatment may leave small scars. Wart removal is not a painful procedure.

The effectiveness of removing warts varies. Sometimes it ends with a single intervention, and sometimes a series of visits to a specialist is required.

There are also cases when it is necessary to remove warts from the face, as well as remove seborrheic warts. Seborrheic karatosis is the most common neoplastic lesion that usually occurs after the age of 30 (more often to men).

Contraindications – infection within the skin lesion, tendency to hypertrophic scars and colloids on the patient’s skin, pregnancy.

Side effects – permanent side effect in the form of a scar, secondary bacterial or viral infection (most often with neglecting the wound).

Price of the treatment:
Wart removal: 300 – 500 PLN
The final price of the procedure is determined individually during a consultation with the doctor.

Wart removal consultations and treatments are performed by:

lek. med. Luiza Kryczka, Specjalista Dermatolog i Wenerolog

Luiza Kryczka, Dermatologist and Venereologist Specialist

Removal of warts

Paweł Kundera, General surgeon