Removing fibromas

Because of the fibromas, patients do not feel pain, but it is an aesthetic problem that they want to get rid of, very quickly.

What are fibromas?

Fibroma is a skin lesion that looks like small bumps that are similar in color to your skin. It can have a soft or hard form and appear in various places on the body. They appear most often on the neck, nape, eyelids, in the groin area, under the arms, under the breasts. They can reach sizes up to 2 mm to 1 cm. Fibromas are common – they can be found in almost all adults. It can be removed in various ways, in our Center – by means of a laser and surgically.

Their presence is most often genetically conditioned and with age, they may appear more and more.

Indications for removal of fibromas

  • Dark or highly visible changes (aesthetic indications)
  • Fibromas located in places prone to irritation
  • Fibromas visible on the neck, face or neckline

The procedure for removing fibromas is minimally invasive, preceded by dermatological consultations that allow you to assess the change and choose the right way to remove fibroids.

Laser removal of fibromas

Removal of fibromas by laser treatments is one of the most popular methods of treatment. The laser beam is directed at the skin lesion. During the operation of the laser, water coagulates and evaporates. A fibroma is removed without blood. This method leaves no scars and is safe for people of all ages, including children.

Contraindications to the surgery to remove soft fibroma using a laser are:

  • pregnancy,
  • active bacterial or viral infection within the treated lesion
  • a tendency to form keloids, i.e. overgrown hardened scars.

Due to the formation of a new epidermis at the laser site, this area should be protected from sunlight to prevent discoloration.
Price of the treatment:
Laser removal of fibromas: 400 PLN
The final price of the procedure is determined individually during a consultation with the doctor.

Usuwanie włókniaków metodą chirurgicznąFibrosis can be removed by a traditional surgical method involving skin excision. It is used to remove large fibromas.
The lesion is excised under local anesthesia. Depending on the size of the fibromas, sutures may be placed at the treatment site.

Contraindications – in patients with a tendency to form keloids, the removal of fibromas is discouraged.

When deciding on surgical removal of fibromas, it should be remembered that once removed, the fibroma may grow back.

In addition to the surgical removal of fibromas, you can opt for laser removal of the fibromas.

Consultations and removal of fibromas are carried out by:

lek. med. Luiza Kryczka, Specjalista Dermatolog i Wenerolog

Luiza Kryczka, Dermatologist and Venereologist Specialist

Removing fibromas

Paweł Kundera, General surgeon