Rhinoplasty is a difficult and creative procedure

Many people come to us because they are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose. This applies to both women and men of all ages.

The purpose of nose correction is to improve its shape, proportion and, as a result, the appearance of the entire face. Thanks to this operation, facial features regain symmetry and harmony. There is also a significant, beneficial change in the overall appearance of the face.

The effects of the treatment depend on the original shape of the nose

The effects can be very good or correct because a lot depends on the primary condition, whether there has been some surgery and the structure of nasal tissues.

Sometimes you need an laryngological procedure to correct the nasal congestion or structures of the posterior nasal cavity or surgery of the paranasal sinuses. You have to wait for the final results for a few months because the scar between the skin and the cartilage and the ankles is remodeling quite a long time and depends on many factors.

What is the nose correction treatment?

The nose correction treatment may take place in a variety of ways, depending on the initial state. It involves reducing the chondral and bone part of the nose, lowering the back of the nose, narrowing the tip of the nose, reducing the nose, shortening the nose, straightening the nasal septum, and sometimes reconstructing the distorted post-traumatic or post-operative nose structure. Usually, we reduce the nose according to the appropriate proportions but sometimes you need to replace the defects or irregularities with grafts of cartilage or bones.

Slight distortions can be compensated by a patient’s own fat graft or hyaluronic acid.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose – come to our Center for consultation.