Sclerotherapy – obliteration

Sclerotherapy is also known as the varicose veins obliteration; the substance which causes inflammation and thus occludes the vein is administered to the affected vein lumen. A chemically active agent administered to the vein is polidocanol or tetradecyl sulphate. A special high-efficiency is also used in the procedure. The procedure is used for small changes as well as for large trunks vascular insufficiency treatment. Sclerotherapy provides good cosmetic results, especially with spider veins, venulectasias and in small varicose veins treatment. Sclerotherapy of large venous trunks in lower limbs is an ultrasound / Doppler guided treatment. This method can also be used in venous leg ulcers treat. Immediately after the procedure patients may return to daily activities.


Sclerotherapy treatment of small and medium-sized veins in lower limbs – 450 PLN