See how laser facial resurfacing works

See how laser facial resurfacing works

For laser facial resurfacing, the so-called non-surgical facelift, the MonaLisa Touch™ CO² fractional laser was used. It is a laser that penetrates the skin without damaging deeper tissues and blood vessels.

A laser beam with appropriately selected parameters stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In addition, it makes collagen fibers become shorter and thicker, which causes the skin’s surface to smooth out, improve its tone and even out the color.

This gives a visible rejuvenation effect, firms the skin, restores its natural color and reduces sun discoloration. Importantly – the laser provides very good acne scar treatment effects and reduces recovery time to a minimum. The full effect is usually achieved after a series of 3-4 laser treatments. The treatment with the use of the fractional CO ² laser is safe, controlled damage is performed in order to force the reconstruction process.

How is the procedure going? 

The duration of the procedure depends on its scope but usually lasts several dozen minutes. Half an hour before the procedure, the anesthetic ointment is applied to the skin to minimize the feeling of pain. Using a special head, the skin is irradiated with a laser beam with individually selected parameters.

After treatment

3-4 days after the surgery, scabs are visible on the face, which spontaneously falls off. This is a typical effect after surgery using a fractional laser. A soothing cream is applied to the skin immediately after the procedure. In the first week after the procedure, the skin may be red, irritated and hypersensitive. There may be a feeling of tension and burning as well as swelling. During healing, the top layer of the epidermis may also peel off. The final effect begins to appear after about a month.

The effects of the MonaLisa Touch™ CO² fractional laser, which stimulates the production of collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which are worth waiting for:

  • skin firming,
  • even color,
  • smoothing wrinkles and acne furrows,
  • improving skin condition,
  • refreshing the appearance,
  • smoothing and smoothing scars.


The procedure was performed by Karolina Pazera, a specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine.

lek. med. Karolina Pazera, Specjalista w dziedzinie Medycyny Estetycznej

Cost of the treatment: 1000 PLN