Successful laser labyoplasty treatment

A few weeks ago, we performed a laser correction of the labia with the Monalisa Touch laser. The treatment was performed by the doctor. Jacek Urbaczka, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.
– I am glad that I could help a patient who for years has been struggling with complaints associated with hypertrophy and asymmetry of the labia smaller. Thanks to the laser, treatments in the field of aesthetic gynecology can be performed in an outpatient setting and significantly change the lives of women – said Lek. Jacek Urbaczka.

– Exactly 5 weeks ago I underwent a laser correction of labia in CM Plus Med in Kielce. From this perspective, I can tell you about my experience. General impression very positive, though not without pain … Fortunately, the effect of the treatment is as expected. I would like to thank Dr. Jacek Urbaczca, who not only did the procedure, very professionally, but also gave me care during and after the procedure and the nurse who assisted the procedure. This laser treatment was very quick, painless, except for slight bite discomfort during local anesthesia. Pain appeared after the end of anesthesia and lasted for about 3 days. Then, during the convalescence for the next few days, you can now function as normal, and after 3 weeks there is no trace of the treatment, beyond the expected appearance and comfort of life! My surgery was based on medical indications. I was an active woman, and in my case hypertrophy of the labia caused discomfort in everyday activities and the intimate sphere. The very process of preparation for the procedure was also very professional, there were consultations, I was informed about everything and the appointment was scheduled. Doctor Jacek Urbaczka has a great approach to the patient, which is why I was less scared, although the procedure was laser, without a scalpel. I am very happy because I regain confidence and the next cycling season will not be a nightmare for me anymore. Thank you and I recommend Plus Med !!!