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Gynaecological disorders which until now have been treated surgically can now be eliminated by means of non-invasive procedures and avoid the convalescence period as well as the postoperative complications risks. The MonaLisa Touch ™ laser treatments is one of the modern methods.

Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation

The innovative laser Mona Lisa Touch offers the non-invasive vaginal walls reconstruction method. The procedure is used for modelling and increases walls flexibility and proper hydration. The laser treatment is much less invasive compared to typical surgery with the use of a scalpel. This significantly shortens the recovery period. The laser inserted into the vaginal canal directly stimulates the vaginal walls; models and restores their original elasticity as well as triggers new collagen fibres production.

Laser in action

Mucosa cells shrink in reaction to the laser heat-impact and therefore new collagen cells form and replace the old ones for better vaginal tissues flexibility and firmness. – Treatments do not require any special preparation, it is enough to consult a gynaecologist and show a valid cervical smear test results. Laser procedures are painless. Not only are the procedures complete in just a few minutes, as early as three days after the procedure the patient may take up regular sexual activity. One-off procedure may be enough to achieve a satisfying effect, otherwise the treatment should be repeated 2 to 4 times at 4 to 6 weeks intervals – says specialist gynaecologist Jacek Urbaczka MD PhD.

Who can benefit form the MonaLisa Touch™ laser procedures?
Women who struggle with the following problems:

Rehabilitation after childbirth

A natural labour and especially multiple child-birth may cause the vaginal tissues relaxation leading to the vaginal relaxation syndrome. The MonaLisa Touch ™ laser treatment is considered one of the most effective and safe ways designed to regain vaginal elasticity, reduce its size and improve hydration.


Menopause is when women sexual organs undergo ageing processes which is often associated with level of estrogen decrease. Even 50% of postmenopausal-women complain about typical symptoms of genital atrophy – vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, irritation manifested by itching and burning, stress urinary incontinence. These symptoms reduce sexual satisfaction and have a negative impact on the quality of life.

Stress urinary incontinence

The stress urinary incontinence problem usually results from the pelvic floor muscles weakening and the vagina stretching. As the result, this leads to the urethra inclination angle change. The laser treatment makes the tissue shrink undergoing. This leads to the normal urethra angle and regular functionality restoration.

Aesthetic correction of external organs

Labia, too large or asymmetrical are a frequent aesthetic problem for women. This may cause discomfort in everyday life, when taking sports sports and in sexual activity. The laser stimulates tissue coagulation to prevent bleeding. This treatment type reduces the postoperative scarring risk, reduces the treatment area swelling and discomfort after the procedure. And it also radically reduces the convalescence time. Both young and mature women undergo this treatment type. Other laser functions are also worth mentioning – vulva and crotch rejuvenation, scars reduction both in the perineum (incision scars) as well as caesarean section scars, intimate parts whitening and removal of post-partum stretch marks.

Ladies – the intimate parts aesthetics greatly improves well-being, self-esteem and improves the comfort of life. You are more than welcome to make an appointment with our doctors.