The plastic surgeon must be a good psychologist

We present a very interesting conversation with doctor of medicine Katarzyna Michalska, a specialist in general and plastic surgery in the ‘Guest of the Day’ program on Świętokrzyska Television. The doctor tells what to consider when choosing the profession of plastic surgeon and what abilities should have a young student of medicine. – They should verify their perceptions with reality – emphasizes the doctor. – A plastic surgeon must also be a psychologist. This particularly applies to two groups of patients – those who report for reconstructive surgery, after injuries, traffic accidents. These patients require multi-stage reconstructive procedures and we must examine whether these patients are ready for this effort. They must be mentally prepared for a long way. The second group consists of Patients reporting for aesthetic procedures and Patients who are called hyperesthetics whose requirements are absolutely unachievable. We need to calmly explain to such patients that their expectations are unreal and this procedure will not help them with anything. They believe that such a procedure will compensate for their life inconvenience, that if they operate on their nose or breasts, it will work out. First you need to deal with yourself, and then come to us, improve your beauty. Often, the Patient opens up and I get to know his problem. Above all, a conversation with the patient is needed – she continues.

In the further part of the conversation, the doctor explains the issue of plastic surgery in children, whether she is for or against and in what cases.

There is no plastic surgery in this area and in Krakow I have many patients from the Świętokrzyskie province. That is why I was glad that I could take up a job at Plus Med in Kielce. Plus Med facility is really at a high level, well decorated, very well equipped and with a well-prepared team‘ says Katarzyna Michalska. Finally, she said what is a breast reduction and real problems of women struggling with this problem.

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