The varicose veins glue treatment

The varicose veins treatment in lower limbs with the use of tissue-adhesive is a cutting-edge, high-efficiency procedure. This type of varicose veins glue treatment is offered on an outpatient basis. A catheter with glue is introduced through a single vein injection; the varicose vein is then occluded. The procedure takes 10-40 minutes. There is no need for anaesthesia. After the procedure there is no need to wear compression stockings; this is what puts this procedure ahead of other minimally invasive methods. A patient immediately returns to their normal activities. Varicose veins, post treatment usually disappear within a few months’ time. The cosmetic effect is an important issue, as the procedure laves no scars and skin-discolourations. Another advantage is that the procedure can be performed in summer without the need to avoid the sunlight.


Varicose veins glue treatment – one leg – 3700 PLN
Varicose veins glue treatment – two legs or two large venous trunks on one leg – 6200 PLN
Peripheral varicose veins glue treatment – 800 PLN