Trigger finger surgery

Operacja palca trzaskającegoThe trigger finger syndrome (so-called trigger finger) is most often caused by mechanical trauma (e.g. hand pressure on hard objects), which leads to inflammation. As a result, there is pain and difficulty straightening the bent finger.

Causes of trigger finger

The reasons for the trigger finger is different. It is usually a consequence of repeated muscle overload, which leads to inflammation. The smoothness of movements is then limited since a significant swelling develops on the flexor tendon. Another cause of a trigger finger may be rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes complication, micro-injuries as a result of sports, bruises or injuries in the palm of the hand.

A trigger finger – how does it manifest itself?

Tendinitis most often affects the thumb or ring finger and index finger. It is manifested by the fact that the patient has difficulty bending and straightening the affected finger and a popping sound is heard each time the finger is bent or straightened. The finger does not bend properly, making it difficult to perform many activities. Sometimes it stays in the locked position. You need to put the effort into straightening your finger, which is also painful.

Non-surgical methods (physical therapy or steroid injections) rarely give the desired results. Surgery is the best in this situation. Its purpose is to cut the pathologically altered flexor sheath and restore conditions to smooth tendon movement.

Trigger finger surgery

Trigger finger surgery is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the tendon sheath, which is affected by inflammation. As a result of this maneuver, finger mobility is restored. The cut is made in a folded furrow of the hand, about 1.5 cm long. The operation lasts several minutes.

In our center, the procedure is performed under intravenous anesthesia, which causes much more comfort for the patient than with local anesthesia used in most hospitals. With an uncomplicated postoperative course on the same day, the patient returns home.

Consulting and trigger finger surgery is performed by:

lek. med. Dariusz Hudzik, Ortopeda

Doctor of Medicine Dariusz Hudzik, orthopaedist

The cost of trigger finger surgery is 2000 PLN

The price includes intravenous anesthesia.