Unwanted stretch marks, scars and tattoos?

With the development and increasing availability of modern laser technologies – removal of stretch marks, scars or tattoos is much more easier now. A laser treatment aimed at removing permanent defects Skin damage sometimes requires a few repetitions, but the effects are incredible.

See the effects of the Harmony XL PRO laser – tattoo removal treatment and stretch marks runs quickly, safely and efficiently.

A patient with visible stretch marks and a patient with unwanted tattoos came to us. High Power Q-Switched head 1064/532 nm, which we used, its main application is in the liquidation of even colorful tattoos. It works very well also in removing pigmentation changes.

The Harmony XL PRO platform is multifunctional https://plusmed.info.pl/en/it-takes-less-than-an-hour-make-your-skin-younger/ and gives the opportunity to use also with other heads during one treatment session.

The High Power Q-Switched 1064/532 nm head has several tips, whose proper selection allows for a precise solution to the problem e.g. with a tattoo with a dark pigment (black, gray, graphite, blue) and a tattoo with bright pigment (red, orange, yellow).

How it’s working?

Q-switch technology allows removal of skin discoloration. After the emission of a nanosecond pulse, the operation reaches the physical breakdown of dye particles (tattoo) on elements so small that they are removed from the skin. Treatments are performed at intervals of 8-10 weeks, which allows for effective absorption particles of broken dye by the body.

For women and men struggling with the problem of stretch marks

An effective method that will deal with the problem of stretch marks, is the use of the Harmony XL PRO iPixel laser. It works in way that laser microwaves perform in controlled skin microdamage – as seen in the film. This leads to intense remodeling the skin’s structure through increased fiber synthesis collagen (and elastin), which are a kind of filling and skin ‘scaffolding’.

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