Varicose veins is not only an aesthetic problem – it is a serious and growing health problem

The varicose veins visible on the legs is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a serious and growing health problem. The feeling of heaviness in the legs, pain and swelling after a full day sitting behind a desk, may be the first symptoms of venous insufficiency of the legs. Removal of varicose veins or spider veins improves the appearance of our legs, but in addition to the aesthetic value, these are primarily health activities.

We present you videos from the procedure of removing varicose veins of lower limbs, which took place in our Center last week. In this procedure the laser removal of varicose veins (EVLT endovenous ablation surgery) was used, which consists in closing the light of one of the main veins of the lower limb by means of energy emitted by the laser fiber. This energy, mainly in the form of high temperature, is transmitted to the wall of the vein that does not work properly, so that the vein is permanently closed.

EVLT is a minimally invasive method of treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. The procedure is performed under outpatient conditions under local anesthesia. It’s fast, it takes several dozens of minutes. The treatment is effective, safe and comfortable for patients. It guarantees a quick return to normal functioning. When it comes to aesthetics – the cosmetic effect is immediate, without scars and discoloration.

The team of vascular surgeons at the Medical Center Plus Med has been using the laser treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and vascular diseases since 2011 with extensive experience. It is possible to effectively treat most cases, even large varicose veins – without surgery and a hospital convalescence. The method of laser treatment of EVLT varicose veins is often subject to older people who can not benefit from surgery. It is also an excellent treatment for people with diabetes, heart disease, and significant ulcers. The large group of patients are younger, professionally active people, for whom a few weeks of recovery is not an option.

For patients who struggle with spider veins on their legs, we have a different solution – laser treatments Harmony XL Pro. This laser is the answer to most aesthetic and dermatological problems, including vascular changes.

In the Plus Med Medical Center in Kielce, as the only one in the entire province, we offer the widest spectrum of methods of fighting varicose veins. We specialize in several methods of varicose veins treatment. Before qualifying for the procedure, we invite you for consultations.