What do we need to take care of during the summer? For a great holiday and our skin!

We love the sun, which gives us energy and strengthens our optimism. Summer means spending more time outdoors and exposure to the sun’s rays. We sunbathe, do summer sports. Let’s remember, however, that the sun, apart from its beneficial effects on our well-being, can be a threat and, in principle, never brings good results to our skin. May cause discoloration and wrinkles too early. 

Beware of wrinkles, beware of discoloration 

UV radiation is dangerous – it accelerates the aging process, causes collagen defects and is a very important factor that promotes the development of skin cancers. It must be properly protected.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause photoallergic reactions, sunburn and the formation of unsightly discoloration. Aging skin may produce excessive amounts of dye. Discoloration tends to recur. Once they have appeared in the sun, they can easily return. We have a tendency to them all the time.
By following simple rules, we will avoid discoloration and wrinkles that are too early.
Aesthetic medicine doctors strongly advise against sunbathing and exposure to the sun, but it’s hard to resign.

1. Use restraint when sunbathing.
2. Protect yourself from the sun by clothing, including hat, semi-shade and high-sun cream with a broad spectrum of protection against UVB and UVA. Filter creams should be used all year round.
3. Protective creams should be lubricated 15-20 minutes before going out into the sun. Lubricate the whole body and do not forget about the hands, ears and mouth. Also, don’t forget about the neck and décolleté – these are very delicate areas that age faster than your face.
4. Lubricate regularly every 2-3 hours. One application per day will not provide proper protection.
5. Avoid the sun between 11am and 4pm.
6. If you are a pregnant woman, remember that your skin is more exposed to the sun and in the event of insufficient protection, irregular discolorations may appear.
7. After leaving the beach, ensure proper hydration of the skin.

Before you leave, make sure you prepare your skin properly.

It is worth choosing preventive aesthetic medicine treatments that protect the skin, while delaying the aging process. Deeply moisturizing treatments that will best prepare your skin for the sun are mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid or platelet rich plasma. What is very important, they also work anti-aging.

Botox is a good summer treatment. 

Botox is another treatment recommended by specialists in aesthetic medicine or cosmetic surgery. Botulinum toxin is best used when wrinkles are not yet fixed, but you can see them under the influence of facial expressions.

Botox delays aging processes and effectively cures hyperhidrosis.

You can read about safe summer treatments here If something worries you, go to a dermatologist.

Particular attention should be paid to pigmented birthmarks, moles. If we have such an opportunity, before we go on vacation, let’s go to a dermatologist for consultation, who will dispel our fears by a dermatoscopic examination whether a given change in the skin is dangerous for us before we expose it to the sun.

If you want to diagnose discoloration or pigmentation changes, we invite you to consult our specialists in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetology.

Happy vacations!