Youth passes, but beauty doesn’t have to

We present a unique laser – not only for wrinkles. During periods of high sunshine, do not use laser treatments as they can cause unwanted effects such as discoloration. There is an exception, however. It is the ClearLift laser, one of several lasers belonging to the Alma Harmony XL Pro laser platform. It is safe, delicate and recommended at this time of year. It brings very good results and noticeable rejuvenation effects.

The ClearLift laser removes fine wrinkles on the face, while firming and tightening the delicate areas around the eyes and lips, neck and décolleté and is available in PlusMed.

How can ClearLift help me?

ClearLift laser renewal is recommended as a treatment for the following problems:

  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Scars, especially from acne
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Age spots
  • Redness
  • Loss of skin firmness
  • Stretch marks
  • Broken capillaries

Clearlift – get rid of signs of aging in minutes!

ClearLift is a breakthrough in laser technology. It provides the most modern, radical rejuvenation of the face that you can do at lunchtime. This procedure is said to be “lunch face lifting”. Using virtually painless fractional, non-ablative technology, ClearLift reverses superficial signs of aging almost instantly.

How does ClearLift work?

ClearLift technology involves gentle skin renewal. ClearLift uses advanced laser technology to deeply modify collagen beams while stimulating the production of new elastic fibers in the skin. The ClearLift laser removes fine wrinkles on the face, while firming and tightening the delicate areas around the eyes and lips, neck and décolleté. ClearLift light technology enters deeper subcutaneous tissue (about 3 mm deep) to stimulate the growth of new collagen without affecting the epidermis. This means that all work is done underneath, deep in the skin, without any side effects. ClearLift combines the energy of a Yag non-ablative laser with a Pixel Q Switch 1064 nm.

See the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Gnqq_PEiSQ&feature=youtu.be

What can I expect during ClearLift treatment?

Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed and the eyes covered to protect them from the laser beam. The laser is then applied to the face or neck. It emits small, strong pulses of light that penetrate the skin, leaving the outer skin layer intact. The ClearLift procedure usually takes less than an hour (sometimes even several minutes). It combines fast treatment time with fast results.
ClearLift is approved for use with all skin types, although people with skin conditions should first consult a dermatologist or aesthetic medicine doctor to ensure that the procedure is right for them.
Any skin that shows signs of aging is a great candidate for ClearLift laser treatment. It can also be used to remove spider veins, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, scars, stretch marks, dark circles under the eyes, enlarged pores and other problems.

Is ClearLift safe?

ClearLift is safe and effective even in delicate areas of the skin. The procedure itself is not painful.

What is the average cost of ClearLift treatment?

The price for ClearLift treatment may vary depending on the areas being treated. The treatment will be tailored to the patient’s needs for consultation.

When can you expect results?

In some cases, ClearLift patients report a visible improvement in skin appearance after just one treatment. The appearance of the skin improves after each session. ClearLift slowly remodels the skin over a few weeks with 4 to 6 treatments recommended.

The skin is smooth, bright, tense and of course looks much younger.

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